PUB - Das Ventil als Softsensor


Additional sensors are often used to digitise hydraulic components. A cheaper option would be for valves themselves to function as soft sensors. How this works is currently being researched at RWTH Aachen University.



Author: Hucko, Simon

Integrating more functionality into hydraulic components - this is what many manufacturers are currently working on. This is how they want to counter the offer of increasingly powerful electric drive solutions. At the same time, components are changing from detached functional elements to networked modules in higher order processes, such as Industry 4.0 or the IoT. Power and condition monitoring as well as smart systems are becoming increasingly important, but require extensive insight into the process or the machine. This is usually realised through measurement data using additional sensors. However, this development is contrasted by the high global competitive and cost pressure as well as the increasing system complexity and integration effort, so that extended functionality and thus increasing costs must be carefully weighed up.