PUB - Environment Detection and Trajectory Planning Concept for an Automated Excavator using Open Source Software


For decades, unlike in most industries, labor productivity in the construction industry stagnated. Reasons include a lack of automation and standardization on the construction site. In addition, the construction industry increasingly struggles with an acute shortage of skilled workers due to high accident and disability risks and the high level of physical stress. These factors lead to a migration of associated young, well-trained workers to more attractive industries. In order to meet these challenges in the future new approaches are required. In particular, the increased use of automation solutions is indispensable in the construction industry.



Authors: Haas, Christian; Kuhlmann,Frederic; Musialski, Nikodem; Schmitz, Katharina

As an open-source framework in robotics and automation, the Robot Operation System (ROS) provides extensive ready-made software modules for environment detection, path planning, navigation, and control, as well as a comparatively simple integration. The automation of mobile machines is a challenge that has not yet been completely solved. Here, the use of existing and proven software can significantly simplify the development of automation solutions. This contribution presents a ROS-based environment detection and trajectory planning concept for a 1.8 t excavator using the ROS modules of Google Cartographer and MoveIt.