PUB - Off-Highway Twins dataset to evaluate the creation, updating, and use of digital twins of off-highway vehicles and their environments for planning, execution, and documentation of work processes



Authors: Haas, Christian; Deuster, Sebastian; Bliznyuk, Artem Andrewitsch; Matthiesen, Gunnar; Schluse, Michael; Roßmann, Heinz-Jürgen; Schmitz, Katharina

As part of the feasibility study, the question was investigated to what extent and with which methods sensor data collected from mobile machines can be suitably evaluated in order to synthesize further information from them, which is then made available in cloud databases for use in downstream processes. In the project, a wheel loader was equipped with appropriate sensor technology and measurement infrastructure and put into operation for data collection at a test site of the RWTH. The wheel loader was equipped with pressure and displacement sensors on the working hydraulics, with speed sensors on the wheels, and with acceleration sensors in the cabin. In addition, a camera, as well as two LiDAR sensors, were attached to the machine to capture the environment. The data set published here contains the processed measurement data of the various sensors for a total of 8 test runs in different environments and scenarios.