PUB - New challenges for sealing materials with regard to bio-hybrid fuels


Within the Cluster of Excellence "The Fuel Science Center" (FSC), novel methods are being investigated at RWTH Aachen University to help in the selection of alternative and future-oriented fuels. The aim is to design new so-called "tailor-made" fuels that meet technical as well as economic and ecological requirements.



Authors: Hofmeister, Marius (Corresponding author) * ; Laker, Jascha ; Fischer, Marcus * ; Pischinger, Stefan * ; Schmitz, Katharina

In the context of CO2-neutral drive concepts, bio-hybrid fuels are being discussed as an alternative to conventional fuels such as diesel or petrol in the Cluster of Excellence "The Fuel Science Center". The question is whether these fuels can be used directly in conventional combustion engines as drop-in fuels. Can sealing materials be used for bio-hybrid fuels according to the current state of the art? What adaptations are necessary to ensure the required durability of the seals? The first part of this two-part paper first presents the methods used to investigate material compatibility, while the second part deals with the results and potential of composite gaskets in the context of bio-hybrid fuels.