PUB - Model test for the experimental investigation of the wear behaviour of the sliding shoe - swash plate contact


In axial piston pumps, hydrostatically partially balanced contacts are predominantly used. The use of these pumps in variable-speed configurations, such as in electro-hydrostatic axes, has proven to be very challenging in terms of robustness. Particularly affected here is the slipper-swashplate contact, via which the piston loads are supported. The wear processes and driving effects occurring here have not yet been sufficiently addressed in the current state of research.



Authors: Merkel, Amos; Schlegel, Felix; Schmitz, Katharina

Within the scope of this publication, a model experiment is therefore to be presented which allows the targeted investigation of the wear behaviour of the slipper-swashplate contact under controlled and reproducible conditions. The objectives of the model experiment are, on the one hand, the empirical investigation of the interactions in variable-speed operation and, on the other hand, the validation of simulative considerations.