PUB - Rheological Characterization and EHL Simulation of a Grease in a Lubricated Sealing Contact


A paper on grease lubricated sealing contacts was published at the 62. Tribologie-Fachtagung. The research was conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Machine Components (IMA) of the University of Stuttgart.


Authors: Bauer, Niklas; Hahn, Susanne; Feldmeth, Simon; Bauer, Frank; Schmitz, Katharina

The leakage characteristics of metallic seals have a significant influence on valve performance. The contact status along the sealing zone greatly affects sealing properties, but is still not fully understood in current studies. There are mainly two different models for the seal’s contact mechanics: the multi-asperity model and the magnification-based model. This paper conducted a comparative analysis of leakage calculations for metallic seals of ball-seat valves based on the above two contact models. The test rig for measuring leakage values at different pressures has been constructed. The simulation with/without considering plastic effects is presented and verified by the experiment. The results indicate that the magnification-based model, with the consideration of plastic effects, can provide a better coincidence with experimental results.


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