PUB - Self-erecting wind energy plant with hub height of 180 m


The journal "Stahlbau" has published a paper on "Self-erecting wind turbine with hub height of 180 m".



In the FOSTA research project P 1392 "Self-erecting onshore wind turbines with hub heights greater than 120 m - hybrid tower with lifting device for self-erection", a self-erecting wind turbine with steel hybrid tower for low wind sites was developed, which does not require the use of special crawler cranes for erection. The tower of the example turbine consists of an 80 m high lattice tower with a special transition piece through which the 100 m high tubular steel tower including nacelle and rotor is lifted into its final position by means of a strand lifting system. To stabilize the tubular steel tower during the lift, a specially developed stabilization system is used, which absorbs the tower bending moment via rotating, tracking cylinders. These are arranged in two planes in the transition piece and keep the tubular tower vertical. The design and dimensioning of the tubular steel tower, the lattice tower and the transition piece were carried out for the final condition; for the design of the lattice tower, specially developed software was used to optimize the weight of the lattice tower structure on the basis of probabilistic methods. For the tubular steel tower, it could be shown that the lateral loads acting from the hydraulic cylinders can be absorbed. On the basis of the investigated example plant it could be shown that erection and operation of the self-erecting wind energy plant are economically possible.