PUB - Numerical and experimenal study on novel hydraulic pump concept

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A paper on “Numerical and experimental study on novel hydraulic pump concept” was published at the 12th International Fluid Power Conference in Dresden.




Seong-Ryeol Lee



+49 241 80 47747



This paper discusses an investigation on a novel hydraulic pump concept. The idea aims on a pump principle to be directly connected to high-speed electric motors to build compact high-pressure drives. The pump can theoretically work without solid contact and has no kinematic pulsation. The composition of the pump is basically similar to cylindrical journal bearings. When the shaft rotates with loads, hydrodynamic fluid force is generated in the fluid film, which compensates the loads. The difference of the introduced pump concept from the bearing is that an eccentricity is fixed and it has an outlet port at the high pressure area, through which the fluid can be transferred. To examine the functionality of the pump, a test bench is constructed and experiments are performed to investigate the pressure build-up and discharging flow of the pump concept. The experimental results are numerically analyzed by using elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) simulation. From these results, the functionality of the pump concept is confirmed.