PUB - Optimierung eines Scheibe-Scheibe Tribometers um Hystereseverhalten bei Reibmomentmessungen zu verhindern


Auf der 7. Europäischen Konferenz für Tribologie in Wien ist eine Veröffentlichung zum Thema „Optimierung eines Scheibe-Scheibe Tribometers um Hystereseverhalten bei Reibmomentmessungen zu verhindern“ erschienen.

  Bild eines Tribometerprüfstands Urheberrecht: © ifas Modified Tribometer Testrig

Hydraulic pumps are the most important component in hydraulic drive technology. Before new pumps are delivered, the manufacturer usually performs a function test of the unit, which may include a short run-in procedure. This run-in process has a big influence on the formation of the tribological contacts, in particular the cylinder block-valve plate, piston-cylinder block and swash plate-slipper. These planar contacts can be simulated using a disc-disc Tribometer. Typical tasks is the measurement of Stribeck Curves and Frettage Load tests. Ifas already owns a disc-disc Tribometer, but due to the bearing situation, it suffers of friction and hysteresis in torque measurement. In order to keep the hysteresis as low as possible, the support of the axial force and the radial guidance are replaced by air bearings. This air bearings consists of micro channels and sintered porous structures. With moderate air consumption, they enable almost friction free suspension. In addition, a distance measuring system is installed which measures the oil gap in the tribological contact via three sensors at a distance of 120°.