News about the test bench hall

Photo of employees Copyright: © ifas  

Pleasant news! Most of the work in the ifas test field has been completed. Since mid-April, ifas employees have been allowed to enter the hall. This means that work and test bench tests can again be carried out in the hall and that the commissioning of the test field can continue. Isolated sections, such as the oil laboratory and the low-noise measuring room, are still in the new facility. The test field is state-of-the-art and, in addition to an electrical connection capacity for test stands and aggregates totalling 3 x 1 MW, has an appropriately dimensioned central machine cooling system as well as a 6 bar and 14 bar compressed air network.

In the following months the commissioning will be continued and the test area as well as the mechanical workshop will be rethought and redesigned with regard to optimal work processes.

In addition, the new climatic chamber is currently being commissioned. It permits tests at ambient temperatures from -70 °C to +70 °C with adjustable humidity. We look forward to being your partner for demanding measurement tasks at extreme temperatures.