Cooperation projects




Niklas Bauer

Deputy chief engineer


+49 241 80-47702



ifas is a strong partner for the implementation and testing of new ideas as well as the analysis and optimization of existing systems and components for industrial companies. The spectrum ranges from theoretical design to simulations and the experimental validation of systems or components in our large test field to prototype development and testing, for example:

  • Studies on the status of research or technology
    • Feasibility studies and potential analysis
    • Trouble shooting on existing components and systems
  • Simulation and analysis of fluid power components and systems, depending on requirements
    • in commercial 1D, 2D or 3D simulation environments
    • through the development and validation of specialized self-contained simulation tools and programs
  • Analysis and optimization of components and systems
  • Development and construction of new test benches for the measurement and investigation of fluid power issues of all sizes
    • complex tribological contacts & systems
    • efficiency studies on displacement units
    • validation of new hydraulic excavator drive systems
  • Prototype development and testing
  • ​Bilanzierung von Umweltdaten fluidtechnischer Komponenten und Systeme

As an independent development and service provide, we are available for industrial cooperations in the non-public environment, both for short-term service projects as well as medium- or long-term contract research in a variety of ways.

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