PUB - Investigation of Magnetic Force Hysteresis in Electromechanical Actuators


Due to cost and space constraints, pot magnets are mostly used to generate the actuating force in hydraulic and pneumatic valves. Increasing demands on the functionality as well as the striving for better control are reasons for numerous projects focusing on a more comprehensive modeling of these actuators.
By virtue of their operating principle, these actuators show a significant hysteresis force characteristic. Without compensation, this limits the accuracy with which the magnetic force can be adjusted to the width of the hysteresis loop.



Authors: Hucko, Simon; Matthiesen, Gunnar; Reinertz, Olivier; Schmitz, Katharina

The practical implementation and parameterization of a model for estimating the magnetic force of valve solenoids involving a hysteresis model are evaluated. In a first step, popular approaches for modeling the force hysteresis of valve actuators are compared, followed by a description of the test bench used and the valve
investigated. Next, the experimental procedure as well as the recorded data are described and discussed. Finally, a phenomenological modeling approach of force hysteresis is presented. The advantages and limitations are demonstrated and discussed using measured data.