Industrial Cooperations

ifas is a strong partner for the implementation and testing of new ideas as well as the analysis and optimization of existing systems and components for industrial companies. Contact us!



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Mobile & Stationary Systems

The group “Mobile & Stationary Systems” focuses on the systematic, tailored redesign or new development of hydraulic systems and architectures in an increasingly mechatronic environment.

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Digitalization & Automation

The research group “Digitalization & Automation“ attempts to close the gap between existing high-tech fluid power components as well as systems and modern information technology.

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Fluid Power Components

The research group „Fluid Power Components“ researches and develops fluid power drive components in the field of oil and water hydraulics, as well as pneumatics.

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Tribology & Fluids

The “Tribology & Fluids” research group focuses on the research of pressure fluids and the holistic understanding of tribological systems in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

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Simulation Development & Validation

Advancing simulation methods and their experimental validation are the focus of the “Simulation Development & Validation” research group.

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ifas offers a range of publications which can be bought at the institute or lent at the library.

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