Research Papers and Theses

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We offer theses in all areas of fluid technology - from simulation, design towards experiment.

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Student Research Assistants

Ifas is constantly looking for qualified student assistans. Please take a look at the current job openings

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Ifas offeres lectures from the basics of fluid technology to detailed considerations of individual components. Details can be found here:

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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes for several courses are available at ifas.

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Fluid Power technology for mobile applications

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In this lecture students will get to know a wide range of fluid power systems in the field of motor vehicles and mobile working machines.

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Applied design and product development I & II

In the course Applied Design and Product Development I & II students learn in small groups exciting contents about project management and model-based product development.

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Fundamentals of Fluid Power

In this lecture students learn to understand fluid power systems. The fundamentals of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics are discussed, as well as flow relationships, flow forces, inductances and capacitances...

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Design of Fluid Power Components

The lecture addresses students and scientists interested in the design and construction of hydraulic pumps, motors and valves. Also a focus is put on the operating behavior and the regulation.

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Lubrications and Pressure Media

Lubricants are an important interdisciplinary design element. The manifold process and machine requirements of modern lubricants require special skills in the field of mechanical engineering and chemistry.

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Servohydraulics - Closed Loop Controlled Hydraulic Drives

Servohydraulics encompasses all areas of hydraulics in which hydraulic devices work in closed-loop control. The aim of this lecture is to give an overview of servohydraulic systems...

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Simulation of Fluid Power Systems

Modeling and simulation of fluid power systems plays an important role in practice. In this master course, students learn the structure and parameterization of simulation models and thus develop a deeper understanding of the system ...

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Pneumatics in automation technology

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Pneumatics is the most widely used drive technology in many areas of automation technology today. In the course of the event, the necessary knowledge for mastering this technology is imparted, from the theoretical basics to practical application.

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Measurement laboratory

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In the metrology lab, students learn the principles of measurement technology in mechanical engineering through practical lab exercises.

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