Microsystems Development

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The keyword "miniaturization" has long since become indispensable in any technical field. In order to be able to meet this trend, trained specialists with in-depth knowledge in the field of microsystems are indispensable. In the course of the event, the technical fundamentals of microtechnical systems will be explained and calculation methods for targeted dimensioning will be presented.



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Module overview

The course deals with the in-depth technical knowledge of dimensioning microtechnical systems. Under the guiding question of what the designer needs to know in order to be able to design microsystems, the basic elements of such systems are considered. Based on an understanding of how these components work, the course introduces computational methods that can be used to predict their physical behavior.
During the exercises, students are given the opportunity to calculate example problems with assistance.


Target audience

The course is intended for students of the master's program in mechanical engineering and automation technology. The course will be held in German.

Recommended prerequisites:

  • Knowledge in the field of electrical engineering/electronics
  • Knowledge of mathematics (I-III)
  • Basic understanding of physics


In the course of the event, the necessary knowledge for the design of microsystems is imparted. For example, it will be shown how the characteristic curve of a micropump can be predicted from the geometric dimensions and drive parameters, or how microsensors can be dimensioned. For this purpose, the most important components of such systems, conductors, membranes, beams, etc., are examined in more detail with regard to their design.



"Introduction to Microsystem Design" by W.K. Schomburg, 2nd edition (2015) Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-662-47023-7, available in the textbook collection of the RWTH library.


The Instructor

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Dr.-Ing. Olivier Reinertz

Scientific Director , Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems