Servohydraulics - Closed Loop Controlled Hydraulic Drives

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Servohydraulics encompasses all areas of hydraulics in which hydraulic devices work in closed-loop control. The aim of this lecture is to give an overview of servohydraulic systems, to explain their construction and the individual components as well as to help with the design and closed-loop control of the systems.


The importance of servohydraulics in drive technology is evidenced by numerous industrial application examples. Areas of application of servo hydraulics are all areas of automation and fine control technology, such as maschine tools, plastic and testing machines as well as rolling mills, motor vehicles and aircraft technology.



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Target Audience

The lecture addresses students of mechanical engineering (Master).

Language of the lecture: German

Recommended requirements:

  • Fundamentals of Fluid Power
  • Automatic Control



Besides to the consideration of the individual components of a servohydraulic drive (valves, pumps, motors, sensors), a detailed mathematical analysis of both the individual components and the overall system is carried out:

  • Setup and systematics of closed loop controlled hydraulic drives consisting of control elements (i.e. valves and pumps), actuators (i.e. linear drives and revolving motors), sensors and controllers
  • Mathematical description of the static performance of valve controlled hydraulic drives in open loop
  • Analyse any open loop hydraulic system and determine its dynamic performance
  • Design of closed loop controlled hydraulic drives, depending on the required control variable (i.e. force, velocity, position)
  • Evaluation of the performans of diffenret controllers during the operation of a servohydraulic drive in the test field of the institute
Inverse hydraulic pendulum


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Murrenhoff, Hubertus: "Servohydraulik - 4. neu überarbeitete Auflage"; Shaker Verlag GmbH; Aachen 2012
ISBN: 978-3-8440-0947-7

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The Instructor

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katharina Schmitz

Head of Department, Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems