Simulation of Fluid Power Systems

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Modeling and simulation of fluid power systems plays an important role in practice. In this master course, students learn the structure and parameterization of simulation models and thus develop a deeper understanding of the system.



All necessary documents will be made available to the students during the lecture.


Target Audience

The lecture is adressed at students in master mechanical engineering.

Language of the lecture: German

Recommended requirements:

  • Foundations of fluid technology
  • control engineering


The lecture "Simulation of Fluid Power Systems" deals with the modeling and simulation of fluid power systems. In the lecture the basics for the structuring of complex fluid technical systems into functional units will be imparted. For the description of the functional units suitable subsystems are presented. Here, different description possibilities and details are discussed, these are applied in practical examples. In a further step, the parameterization of the models is developed.

Simulation results are presented and evaluated using examples. Special attention is given to the interpretation and critical questioning of results and simplifying assumptions during modeling.

The lecture is accompanied by exercises to present simulation as a central tool for the conception, construction, regulation and analysis of fluid technical systems. In the exercise the students will build fluid systems in simulation environments. Here solution strategies are developed and applied, with which complex problems can be processed.

  • Modeling and simulation of fluid power systems
  • Development of system understanding
  • Design and parameterization of simulation models
  • Learning by independent application of simulations as a tool for different fluidic systems in the context of exercises
  • Evaluate and critically question assumptions and results


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