Pneumatics in Automation

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Pneumatics is the most widely used drive technology in many areas of automation technology today. In the course of the event, the necessary knowledge for mastering this technology is imparted, from the theoretical basics to practical application.



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Module overview

The course covers in-depth specialist knowledge for understanding and designing pneumatic systems for automation technology efficiently and in line with requirements. In addition to classic binary-controlled automation technology systems, for example for component assembly, packaging, etc., the focus is on compressed air supply, pneumatic soft robotics, aerostatic bearings, pneumatic testing technology and medical technology applications.

The common methods of system development are learned and supplemented by new approaches. This also includes the optimization of existing systems through targeted measures to reduce operating costs by saving compressed air.


Target audience

The course targets students in the Master of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Technology. The course is held in German.

Recommended prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge in the field of thermodynamics of ideal gases
  • Basic knowledge in the field of fluid mechanics


In the course, the necessary basics in the field of thermodynamics of ideal gases are first repeated. Based on this, the typical properties and calculation methods of pneumatic components are derived and the functionality of the commercially available implementations is considered. The focus is on all common components of a pneumatically realized automation system, consisting of compressed air generation and distribution, valves and actuators.

Building on this understanding of the individual components, a discussion of circuit technology, efficiency considerations, and the associated open and closed-loop control is then carried out using selected examples of pneumatic automation technology. In addition, application examples from the fields of soft robotics, exoskeletons, medical technology, aerostatic bearings and testing technology are shown and discussed. An outlook on the simulative design and optimization of pneumatic systems concludes the lecture cycle.


The lecturer

Dr.-Ing. Olivier Reinertz Copyright: © ifas

Dr.-Ing. Olivier Reinertz

Scientific Director, Chair and Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems