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Measurement laboratory in winter semester (B.Sc.; 3 SWS)


The MTL will be reorganized for WS21/22.

In the first three weeks of the semester, there will be three lectures (once a week, Tue 10:15 - 12:30) introducing the topic of measurement technology. The content of these lectures will be tested in an e-test. Afterwards, seven laboratory exercises have to be completed.

Registration for the lab exercises must be done early because students will be assigned to different exercise groups beforehand.

All important information can be found further down on this website.


Contents and goals

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The laboratory exercises are designed to demonstrate the systems science fundamentals of measurement technology. Students are to be provided with a fundamental and practical understanding of metrological relationships and concepts. In addition to the presentation of physical measurement principles and their practical application in modern measurement systems, laboratory exercises are therefore carried out in the areas of physics, production measurement technology, machine elements and design, technical thermodynamics, combustion engines, high voltage technology, gear technology, machine dynamics, process engineering as well as in fluid technology. Through active participation in the laboratory exercises, students learn that "measurement" involves more than simply taking measurements and realize that measurement technology is an integral part of modern production processes.

In addition to the first three lectures, the MTL consists of practical exercises held at the various participating institutes. Since there is no written exam, passing the e-test as well as the successful participation in all exercises constitutes an examination performance and is therefore mandatory.
All information can be found in the learning room of the metrology laboratory.

Start/End of registration:
Beginning of August

Start of group exercises/practicals:
In the 4th week after the start of lectures of the winter semester.

Week of make-up dates:
Expected to be in the last two weeks of the winter semester lecture period.

Students will be divided into groups and will be required to complete 7 attempts. The following dates will be offered:

  • Mondays 13:45 - 16:00
  • Tuesdays 10:15 - 12:30
  • Wednesdays 10:15 - 12:30
  • Thursdays 10:15 - 12:30

During registration, students can specify preferences for these dates and are then assigned to practice groups. A total of 36 experiments will be offered, 7 of which will be assigned to each group. Different experiments will be conducted depending on the group. All experiments in a group will take place weekly at the same times but in different institutes.

The MTL is considered passed if the E-test on the lectures is passed and the students have successfully participated in all 7 attempts. No attempt may be skipped.

An attempt may be repeated without giving reasons. From the 2nd attempt on, certificates must be submitted.

Make-up appointments take place in the last week of lectures. Students who wish to participate in the make-up dates must register as early as possible via the MTL e-mail address (see below).


Information about the course of the MTL event

1. registration for the experimental group

Students register for the MTL lab exercises via RWTHonline. There are four dates to choose from (A - Monday, B - Tuesday, C - Wednesday, D - Thursday). Students indicate their preference for each date. After some time, the MTL team will make the binding assignment to the groups. Students will receive a confirmation email of their successful registration.

2. compilation of experiments

The MTL team divides the students into sub-groups (e.g. D1, A2, B14, etc.) and uploads lists of participants in RWTHmoodle. Assignments to sub-groups will be made in early October. The lists are updated continuously, so please check independently when your registration was recorded and to which group you are assigned. Once you have been assigned to a group for the first time, you will not be able to change groups.

After being assigned to subgroups, students download the testat sheet for their specific group (e.g. D1, A2, B14, etc.) in RWTHmoodle. This testat sheet indicates when which test will take place. Students bring this testat sheet with them to each experiment and have the experiment leader confirm their successful participation in the MTL. The MTL team also records attendance electronically. However, if there are any discrepancies in the evaluation at the end of the semester, the student's testat sheet will serve as proof of attendance. If your attendance has been recorded electronically correctly and you have passed the MTL, you may dispose of the testat sheet.

3. preparation

With the help of the testat sheet the students know when which test takes place. They independently download the instructions for their experiments via the learning room, read through these instructions and prepare for participation in the experiment.

4 Participation in the experiment

After careful preparation, the students take part in the experiment. At the beginning, their preparation is checked by means of written tests. Only when the test has been passed and the practical experiment has subsequently been carried out, is the successful participation certified on the test certificate sheet and the experiment is considered to have been passed.

5. registration for the make-up date, if necessary

More than one missed appointment is possible only upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. Attempts missed due to missed appointments must be made up in the week following the regular MTL appointments. With more than one missed appointment without a medical certificate, the MTL module is failed.

At the beginning of an attempt, as usual, an entrance test (Antestat) is used to check whether students have prepared for the attempts with the documents provided. If an antestat is not passed, an attempt can be made up in the week following the regular MTL dates. If more than one antestat is failed, the MTL module is failed

Make-up dates will be held in the last weeks of lectures. To participate in the make-up dates, it is necessary to register in good time via the MTL e-mail address (see below), stating name, matriculation number and date and number of the missed attempt. If more than one attempt must be made up, appropriate certificates must be submitted to the MTL team (via mail).

All documents and information required to complete the labs will be provided exclusively in RWTHmoodle.

Please always include your matriculation number and full name when emailing us.



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