Gas- and Microsystems

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The research group „Gas and Microsystems“ investigates and develops methods for the efficiency increase of pneumatic components and systems as well as the design, integration and adaptation of microsystems in fluid power and high-pressure gas applications.



Olivier Reinertz

Scientific Director


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Group Presentation

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We take the challenge to optimize the energy efficiency of pneumatics with innovative systems and components, while maintaining the advantages: cost efficiency, robustness and a simple implementation. Due to the properties of the pneumatics, it is possible to develop save soft robots easily. Therefore, we develop soft robots, which are easy to control and can be produced efficiently through their tailor-made actuators.

By expanding the focus from classic pneumatic automation technology to microfluidics, it is possible to combine the respective design principles, for example in pilot valves for further miniaturization or in microfluidic systems to increase performance. In addition, the consideration of microsystem technology leads to an increased understanding of the interactions at sensors of fluid power applications and forms the basis for the stringent implementation of digitization projects.

We also provide solutions for questions in the field of high-pressure gas applications at component and system level. In accumulators for mobile or stationary systems, highly compressed gases such as natural gas and hydrogen will play an essential role in the energy industry of the future.

We support you in realizing your visions.


Current Research Projects

Adaptive Supply Air Throttle for Increased Efficiency of Meter-out Contolled Pneumatic Drives

Hot Gas Bulge Test III

Distributive parametric pneumatics


Completed Research Projects

Hot Gas Bulge Test II

CNG System Simulation