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The research group "Fluids" investigates topics related to hydraulic and pneumatic fluids.



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The research group „Fluids“ investigates new, tailor-made hydraulic fluids. Analytical, experimental and simulative methods are used to improve the understanding of the mechanisms and properties of fluids, the derivation of better physical fluid models and to define the behaviour of tailor-made fluids.

Tailor-Made Fluids

What is the lubricant of the future? How can knowledge from the different scientific disciplines help to create a fluid with the previously defined conditions? These and other questions are answered by experimental, analytical and simulative investigations in the context of tailor-made fluids.

Fluid Properties

Due to the technological progress, improved test and analysis methods are needed. Concrete examples are the physically correct description of the micro-diesel effect and the determination of the Bunsen coefficient. New test methods, improved sensor technologies and an overall advanced state of art open up new research opportunities.

Fluid Models

Often the solution of engineering problems was based on fundamentally investigations in other scientific disciplines. In many cases, the difficulty lies in coupling these fundamentals with existing models so that they can be used by other engineers and industry. As a result, advanced, physically based fluid models can be developed in order to improve the prediction of various effects, such as wear behavior or the dynamics of multi-phase fluids.


Current Research Projects

Dissolved Air in Hydraulic Systems

Characteristics coupling
MODULAR - Smart actuator concepts for electromechanical and electrohydraulic drives
The Fuel Science Center - Adaptive conversion systems for renewable energy and carbon sources.


Completed Research Projects

Bio-based Lubricants and Process Materials in Sustainable Public Acquisition
Development of a Biopolymer-Based Hydraulic Fluid with Plant Corrosion Protection Additives
Influence of Bio-Hydraulic Oil on the Efficiency of a Mobile Machine
Flow Cavitative Erosion for Component Cleaning
Development of a Multi-Phase Tank Model for the One-Dimensional Hydraulic Simulation
Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass
Entwicklung eines Mehrkomponenten-Kavitationsmodells für die Ölhydraulik
Luftfreies Öl durch optimierte Tankgestaltung
Analytische Strömungskraftberechnung in Längsschieberventilen
Elektrostatik - Elektrostatische Aufladung von Filtern