Mobile Machines

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The research group „Mobile & Stationary Systems“ integrates fluid-mechatronic and information-technologic innovations at the machine level and optimize them.



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Group Presentation

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The world population is facing a multitude of global challenges that require sustainable and new solutions. Demographic change and aging world populations require new machines or assistance systems that relieve people of heavy physical activity in harsh environments, support productivity-increasing and protect their health. The importance of sustainable processes in construction, agriculture or forestry for the protection of resources and the environment is growing steadily. Therefore, new machines that offer a minimal footprint with maximum operational capability over their life cycle are required. In order to live up to this vision, the construction and agricultural machinery of the future will act (partially) autonomously and will be networked with each other and with the environment. New software solutions and automation processes are changing the interaction between humans and machines, leading to optimal utilization and increased productivity. In addition, efficient drive technology and flexibly reconfigurable construction methods reduce costs for the user, require fewer resources and protect the environment.

The key to this vision lies in the implementation of

  • More intuitive and easier handling
  • Maximum operational readiness
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Networking and embedding in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Safe interaction

Current Research Projects

Revier 2020 - Start-up phase of the reference construction site Campus West
Mfund - Off-Highway-Twins

TopoSelect - Evaluation methodology of drive topologies of electric mobile machines

Carbon Footprint of hydraulic and pneumatic components


Completed Research Projects

HyTower - Self-erecting onshore wind turbines with hub height above 120m - hybrid tower with hoisting device for self-assembly
HMGSB – railway brake with a hydraulic-mechanical closed-loop control of the braking torque
STEAM – Hydraulic hybrid system for excavators
Wind Energy – Hydrostatic Drivetrains for Wind Turbines