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The research group investigates digital solutions of existing systems and the creation of new services around fluid power.



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The research group “Digital Information Systems” investigates fluid power systems and processes to optimize them by using modern information and communication technology. This undertaking has great potential and generate new research questions, which must be answered across all industries for all stages of the product's life cycle.

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

CPS are the ground units of i4.0 systems. They are normal components, which are extended of information, service and an interoperable virtual networking. Therefore, they can integrate themselves independently and flexibly into systems, where they can use their capabilities, to contribute to the solution of higher-level tasks. The exploration of these capabilities and interfaces for mutual interaction investigation of the implications of a decentralization of conventional automation structures are the subject of current research questions.

Smart Data

Forms of intelligent data processing enable the automatically analysis of big data volume of complex systems for patterns. The methods already exist, but the transfer is not trivial in the field of mechanical engineering industry. In addition to the processing of time-continuous data with transparent algorithms from the field of machine learning, the generation of the big data volumes is a technical and economical challenge.

Systems Engineering

The further development of model-based engineering methods as well as the continuous linking and generation of product data along the complete lifecycle improves products, increase the efficiency in the development process and forms the basis for new business models.


Current Research Projects

FML - Failure classification of fluid power systems using machine learning algorithms
MODULAR CM - Condition Monitoring of an EHD – axial piston pump for aviation using thermal analysis and measurement of oil contamination
VirtVolSensor - Virtual Flowsensor with Powermonitoring


Completed Research Projects

Survey Industry 4.0 – Survey of Industry 4.0 in the domain of fluid power by the example of automated commissioning
ProMaschinenDaten – Availability Improvement of Construction Vehicles based on Global Machine Data Analysis
PnP - Verification of the interoperability of fluid power systems by the example of plug-and-produce
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