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The research group „Tribology“ investigates the tribological systems in hydraulic and pneumatic applications to increase the understanding.


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The research group „Tribology“ investigates the tribological systems in hydraulic and pneumatic applications to increase the understanding.

Investigations of the various tribological and fluid technology issues are carried out on different levels of abstraction, from tribometer investigations to complex multi-body systems. The aim is, to ensure the transferability of the results to real systems for the optimization of existing tribological systems. In parallel to experimental investigations, analytical and simulative models and methods are developed, expanded and validated for describing the observed effects. Through this, locally critical conditions can already be evaluated and optimized during development.

The ifas has extensive experience and expertise in the development and operation of highly specialized tribology test rigs. These include special test rigs for determining frictional forces in sealing systems at relative speeds of up to 10 m / s as well as test rigs for determining the leakage or penetration of other fluids via rod sealing systems and valve geometries. There are also several tribometers for examining abstracted contacts under different lubrication conditions and material pairings. This range of test rigs is extended by single contact test rigs, which enable tribological measurements on series or near-series components.

The research results are intended to improve and expand the physical and / or empirical understanding of tribological contacts and systems. This enables the modelling of efficient and durable components of fluids as well as the lifetime prediction of the same.


Current Research Projects

Simulation of Transient Seal Friction in Pneumatic Components

Fast screening test for tribological contacts in pneumatic valves


Completed Research Projects

Increased efficiency of displacement units through optimized running-in
Metallic sealing - Modelling of metallic sealing seats

Transient Friction and Leakage Behaviour of Translatory Hydraulic Seals

Diesel 3000 bar – Diesel 3000 bar
Rod Friction - Frictional force measurements of rod and piston seals at high speeds
OptiKonS - Mathematical modeling, optimization and production of microstructured contact surfaces for hydraulic displacement units
TriboSim - simulation of tribo pairing of axial piston machines as well as experimental investigations
Water Entrainment - Water Entrainment through the rod sealing