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Among the scientific staff of the institute, the question arose some time ago to what extent a project-specific balancing of the electrical power recorded by the large number of test benches available at the institute would be possible. The background to this is that ifas has various test benches with large electrical connected loads, which are operated continuously at high loads (several hundred kW) for days or weeks during larger map measurements or durability tests. At the same time, the institute is working on the determination of the CO2 footprint in the production and operation of fluid power components as part of publicly funded projects, so that awareness of this issue is constantly growing. The project therefore aims to enable test bench and project-specific power balancing by integrating WLAN-capable power meters at neuralgic points of the institute's internal power grid. This with the aim of, on the one hand, increasing internal awareness of the effects of operation and making operation more efficient and, on the other hand, raising public awareness of this issue by indicating the amounts of energy used to generate data in publications.



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