Material testing

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Our test rigs allow us to accurately determine detailed material properties. For this purpose, the following test benches are an integral part of our test field among others:

  • Disk-Disk-Tribometer
    • 0-20 m/s friction velocity
    • Max. Surface pressure 100 MPa
  • Sealing Tribometer
    • Relative speeds up to 30 mm/s
    • Standard seals with diameter of 5 mm and length of 40 mm
    • Recording of Stribeck curves in contact
  • Dynamic Sealing Test Rig
    • Max speed 160 mm/s
    • Pressures up to 150 bar
    • Preset speed and force
  • Fluid Ageing Test Rig
    • 30 kW drive power
    • 1500 1/min Speed
    • Max 300 bar pressure​
  • Gas solubility test bench
    • ​Identification of Bunsen coefficient of gases in hydraulic fluids
    • Measurement of pressure, temperature and volume
    • Presetting of compression by external volume change​

  • Oil-Laboratory

    • Measurement of: Viscosity, density, temperature behavior, foaming behavior, aging stability, air separation ability, surface tension, lubricity.


Other test benches

Not the right one for you? We often design individual test benches for research and industrial projects or adapt existing test benches to your requirements. Please contact us to let us know out what you have in mind.