Demonstrator platform excavator

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In order to cover the research field of mobile machines, practical testing on real machines is indispensable. For this purpose, we have a 1.8t excavator at our disposal. The excavator was adapted to our needs and is equipped with extensive measurement and control technology.



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Measuring equipment

All relevant hydraulic variables can be measured by means of pressure, volume flow and temperature sensors for tank, pump, valves and drive. The fuel consumption of the excavator can also be determined via volume flow sensors in the common rail system of the engine. The speed and position of the boom are measured via displacement sensors and can be adjusted, for example, for the exact reproduction of digging cycles. The excavator is equipped with an industrial PC for all measurement and control tasks.



In order to investigate the automation of construction machinery, the excavator is equipped with appropriate sensors. The demonstrator is equipped with a LIDAR, a RTK-GPS with an accuracy of a few centimeters and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The data processing is done on a powerful industrial PC. Using the open-source framework ROS (Robot Operation System), an environment recognition by means of Google Cartographer as well as a trajectory planning by means of the planning software MoveIt were implemented for the excavator.


Research projects

On the demonstrator the research projects "Decentralized hydraulics: electro-hydraulic high-speed drive" and "Influence of bio-hydraulic oil on the efficiency of a mobile machine" were carried out. In addition, a remote control system for the excavator was developed as part of the pilot operation of the Campus West reference site. In addition, the demonstrator is available as a test machine for practical component tests, for example for pumps or oils.