Climate chamber

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The application range of fluid power systems and components extends over a wide temperature spectrum. Especially material behavior and fluid properties can change drastically even over a small temperature range. ifas offers the possibility to reliably investigate components and systems even at extreme temperature and humidity ranges.


Climate Chamber

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It is often essential to put a complete system to the test. In order to provide space for larger structures, components and systems, ifas owns a state-of-the-art climate chamber from Weiss Technik. With a length of 4.8 m, a width of 4 m and a height of 3 m, the chamber has a capacity of almost 60 m³. A floor load capacity of 30,000 N/m² allows the installation of heavy structures. The entire system consists of the insulated test chamber, the insulated airlock, the temperature control and air conditioning equipment in the airlock and in the test chamber, and the two refrigeration units with control cabinets. The test chamber and the airlock are located on the ground floor. The two refrigeration units are located in the basement. The test chamber and the airlock are mounted in a floor recess to allow level access. The installation on under-ventilation profiles prevents the accumulation of condensate and the formation of ice under the test chamber and the airlock. A sliding gate with a width and height of 2.5 m allows the test specimens to be reliably driven into the chamber.

Several feed-throughs allow external electrical and fluid power supply. The following feed-throughs are available: 2x50 mm, 3x125 mm, 2x150 mm.


Temperature Range

With the climatic chamber, temperatures from -70 °C to +70 °C can be realized with a discontinuous step width of 1 K and a temperature constancy of 0.3 to 1.0 K (in time). Temperature ramps are possible for heating and cooling at a rate of 0.5 K/min on average between -70 °C and +70 °C.

The humidity can be set between 15 % r.h. and 95 % r.h. with a humidity constant of 5 % r.h..


Climate Cabinet

Image of the climate cabinet Copyright: © ifas

For smaller test setups or compatibility tests, the climatic chamber from Binder can be used. Temperatures of -40 °C to +180 °C without humidity and 10 °C to 95 °C at a humidity of 10 % r.h. to 98 % r.h. can be mapped. With dimensions of 0.45 m length, 0.7 m width and 0.7 m height, structures of up to 250 kg are possible. External supply can be realized by a feedthrough with 50 mm diameter.