Pressure supply

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In addition to a number of small, flexibly deployable power units, ifas has three large hydraulic power supplies. The central pressure supply (ZDV), as the core unit, supplies the static machine beds of ifas in the Backé hall with up to 473 kW of power. The Par-ker-Denison unit with a rated output of up to 161 kW is also available here as an additional aggregate. Finally, the central power supply in the Hubertus-Murrenhoff hall is provided by the Parker genset with a connected load of 33.8 kW.



The three main aggregates of ifas "Central pressure supply", "Parker-Denison Unit" and "Parker Unit" are the largest hydraulic power supplies of ifas and represent the heart of the test field of the institute. They supply permanently installed hydraulic power for test benches and test setups of all types and performance classes in all test fields.


Central Power Supply

The energy-efficient central pressure supply (ZDV) represents the largest and most powerful aggregate at ifas. The ZDV thus serves the central pressure generation for the test benches of the institute. With a total power of 473 kW, four machine beds are supplied with pressure. The control system itself selects the most efficient operating mode, sets the temperature of the oil and monitors the status of particle load and water content. Two swash plate pumps of the type A4VSO 250 by Bosch Rexroth are used as main pumps. These can each deliver a volume flow of up to 345 l/min at up to 400 bar. In addition, a variable-speed internal gear pump of type EIPH 6-064 by Eckerle with an output of 45 kW is available as a third main pump. A fixed displacement pump with PRV as control oil pump with 8.8 kW power is used as auxiliary unit.



The Parker-Denison Unit is located in the Backé Hall as well and provides up to 161 kW hydraulic power. For this purpose, a main pump with 92 cm3 displacement volume and two auxiliary pumps with 45 cm3 displacement volume each can be flexibly connected to up to three pipelines.

As the oldest of the three ifas units, the Parker-Denison unit is currently undergoing a fundamental modernization.

For this purpose, all pumps of the unit have been replaced by modern swash plate variable displacement pumps. The piping, filters and control system have also been modernized. A proportional displacement volume controller with superimposed pressure control is now used for energy-optimized control. A new control system is based on Ethercat technology.

The modernization of the Parker-Denison unit is being carried out with the kind support of the following companies:

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The Parker unit ensures the central power supply in the Hubertus-Murrenhoff hall with 33.8 kW power. The Parker unit consists of a variable displacement pump with up to 55 l/min, a variable speed pump with up to 50 l/min and a fixed displacement pump with 35.7 l/min.