Research projects with public funding

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Companies can not only conduct bilateral research projects with us, but also participate in public research projects. Public projects enable the broad strengthening of industries and reduce the financial burden on industry partners.



Niklas Bauer

Deputy chief engineer


+49 241 80-47702



Research in public projects

Companies can become directly involved in public research projects in two ways.

Working groups

Public research projects are usually accompanied by industrial working groups. The working groups allow companies to be involved in the research content without the companies having to contribute further work of their own to the projects.

Active project partners

Industrial companies can also be actively involved in the research projects by doing their own work or providing materials. As a rule, public research projects allow SMEs to be funded by with 70% and larger companies by 50%.



Interested or already have your own ideas for research project?

Contact us so that you can participate directly in public research projects.