Funding opportunities for colaborative projects

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Ongoing federal and state funding provides ongoing support that can be used to strengthen research projects in cooperation between industry and universities. On this page you will find an overview of long-term funding that may be used for your research ideas.



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Overview of funding opportunities

The following calls are available as continuous funding opportunities:

ZIM - Central Innovation Programme for Medium-Sized Enterprises (BMWI)

  • Support for innovation and market introduction of innovative products
  • Support for SMEs (30-50%) and research institutions (100%)
  • Community research projects only
  • Further information

7th Energy Research Programme (BMWI)

  • Large-scale promotion of technologies for climate change mitigation
  • Support for SMEs (up to 80%), general companies (up to 50%) and universities (100%)
  • Further information

KMU Innovative (BMBF)

  • High-risk and application-related pre-competitive research projects
  • Support for SMEs (up to 60%) and research institutions (100%)
  • Individual or joint projects
  • Further information


  • Promotion of research, innovations and SMEs for regional development in NRW
  • Further information

DBU - German Federal Environment Foundation

  • Subsidies for solution-oriented projects for the protection of the environment
  • Support for SMEs (50%) and universities (100%)
  • Continuous application possible
  • Further information

FNR - Agency for Renewable Resources (BMEL)

  • Promotion of innovative products and processes in the field of renewable raw materials (in the context of hydraulics e.g. bio-oils)
  • Support for SMEs and general enterprises (25-100%) and universities (100%)
  • Further information

Search options for current research calls

Many research projects are formed by direct research calls for specific research questions. To find these, the following platforms are available: