Simulationsgestützer Entwurf elektromagnetischer Linearaktoren für fluidtechnische Ventile

  • Simulation-based design of electromagnetic linear actuators for fluid power valves

Schultz, Albert W.

Aachen (2007)

Zugl.: Aachen, Techn. Hochsch., Diss., 2006


The method of finite elements (FEM) is a suitable tool for the numerical solution of Maxwell’s field equations to calculate electromagnetic fields. Solenoids as electromechanic converters are an important component in various industries. Their technical design can be supported and accelerated by the early application of FEM in the design process. This thesis shows the consistent use of FEM to determine the stationary and dynamic properties of electromagnetic linear actuators. All simulation examples are compared to the measurements of samples. The modelling and simulation parameters thus can be optimized in order to achieve best accuracy with acceptable effort. The application of FEM to on/off and proportional actuators is separately investigated. The different physical effects to generate forces in the electromagnetic field are mentioned, the typical characteristics of various actuator concepts thereby justified. Possible improvements of existing actuator layouts are demonstrated with FE calculation.


  • Chair and Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems [412810]