7th International Fluid Technology Colloquium Aachen 2010

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In 2010, the seventh International Fluid Technology Colloquium was held in Aachen.



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Ladies and Gentleman,

The 7th International Conference on Fluid Power (7th IFK) is one of the world's most significant scientific conferences on fluid power and offers an ideal forum to users, manufacturers and scientists for the international exchange in the area of hydraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems.

In 170 presentations at the workshop and the conference as well as more than 45 contributions at the scientific poster session recent work from industry and academia is shown from 29 countries worldwide.

Fluid power as the basis of drive and automation technology in mobile and industrial applications faces an ever-growing economical and environmental responsibility. In times of uncertain business conditions and a shortage of natural resources, topics such as energy efficiency and recuperation pose a challenge to the fluid power industry. For this reason the motto of the 7th IFK is: "Efficiency through Fluid Power"

We are looking forward to the personal exchange and wish you a successful stay at the 7th IFK 2010 in Aachen.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Murrenhoff



The publications of the seventh IFK can be found in the following list. The proceedings are available at ifas or directly from Shaker Verlag (ISBN: Vol 1: 9-783940-565907, Vol 2: 9-783940-565914, Vol 3: 9-783940-565921, Vol 4: 9-783940-565938).

Group A: Mobile Hydraulics and Mobility

  • M. Huova, et al. - Energy Efficient Control of Multiactuator Digital Hydraulic Mobile Machine
  • M. Borghi, et al. - Energy Consumption of the Hydraulic Circuit of a Mid-Size Power Tractor
  • P. Casoli, et al. - Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Hydraulic Circuit for the Rear Hitch Control in Agricultural Tractors
  • B. Eriksson, J. Palmberg - How to Handle Auxiliary Functions in Energy Efficient, Single Pump, Flow Sharing Mobile Systems
  • F. Gao, et al. - Study on Pipeline Vibration of the Aircraft Hydraulic System
  • C. Williamson , M. Ivantysynova - Power Optimization for Multi-Actuator Pump- Controlled Systems
  • E. Leati, et al. - Active Regeneration Load Sensing: A Simulated Comparison with Traditional Load Sensing System in Excavators Working Cycle
  • M. Ruggeri, et al. - Variable Load Sensing Electro-Proportional Valv with Torque, Power and Anti-Stall Control for Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps
  • B. Kang, et al. - A Study on the Boom Energy Regeneration System for a Hybrid Excavator
  • H. Jiaoyi, et al. - Simulation Study of Quick-Forging for Heavy Load Forging Manipulator

Group B: Pneumatics

  • G. Belforte, et al. - A new Generation of Pneumatic Flexible Actuators Based on Innovative Textile Products
  • V. Jouppila, et al. - Modeling and Identification of a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator System Controlled by an On/Off Solenoid Valve
  • P. Keski-Honkola, et al. - Principle of Active Vibration Damping Using Pneumatic McKibben Type Muscle Actuator
  • Y. Zhang, et al. - Study of Cost and Energy Consumption for Pneumatic Actuator and Electric Actuator
  • E. Polman, Based on a Block Chain - ProChain – A Revolving Drive, Energy and Data System
  • S. Sesmat, et al. - Pneumatic Component Characterization: Use of Measured Stagnation Pressures
  • P. Eret, et al. - Combined Heat and Air Generation – A Technical Study
  • V. Gimadiev, et al. - Providing Stability of Pressure Control Valve by Compensator
  • Z. Xiang, et al. - Development and Investigation of High-Speed Pneumatic Jet Valves by Lumped Parameter Modeling
  • S. Yun, et al. - Flow Characteristics of the Piezoelectric Driven Pneumatic Valve for Grain Sorter

Group C: New Applications

  • M. Schumacher, et al. - Application Example of Windscreen Wiper Systems
  • O. Koch, C. Seeberger - Energy-Efficient Design and Dimensioning of Rolling Bearing Supports in Gearboxes
  • K. Merrill, et al. - Efficiency Analysis of a Digital Pump/Motor as Compared to a Valve Plate Design
  • A. Muhammad, et al. - Development of Water Hydraulic Manipulator for the Remote Handling of Heavy Duty Components
  • J. Ewald, et al. - Hydro-Mechanical Control of a Self-Energising Hydraulic Brake
  • E. Bishop, - Digital Hydraulic Transformer - Efficiency of Natural Design
  • J. Tammisto, et al. - Measured Characteristics of an In-Line Pump with Independently Controlled Pistons
  • Q. Han, et al. - Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Rotary Blood Pump with Hydrodynamic Bearings
  • J. Rösner, P. Pelz - Influence of Pressure Control on the Power Output of a Wave Power Plant
  • D. Prust, H. Murrenhoff - The Adhesion Gripper as novel Gripping Device

Group D: Simulation

  • D. Bottazzi, et al. - Analysis of a Hydraulic Valve by Means of a Transient Multidimensional CFD Approach
  • L. Liang, et al. - Unstable Cavitation Behaviors in Spool Valves with U-Notches
  • J. Braun, et al. - Surrogate Model Assisted Evolutionary Optimization of Hydraulic Valve Controllers
  • F. Borchsenius, X. Gebhardt - Optimisation of Piezo Common Rail Injector Robustness with Simulations
  • J. Schumacher, et al. - Simulation of Oil Ageing
  • V. Tič, D. Lovrec - Design of Modern Hydraulic Tank Using Fluid Flow Simulation
  • Y. Ham, et al. - Development of a Simulation Model of the Main Hydraulic Components and System for Metal Diaphragm Type Hydrogen Compressor
  • R. Åman, H. Handroos - Optimization of Parameters of Pseudo-Dynamic Solver for Real-Time Simulation of Fluid Power Circuits
  • L. Mikelsons, et al. - Automatic Generation of Simplified Models
  • C. Riedel, et al. - Physically Correct Hydraulic System Simulation with Mass Conservative Approach

Group E: Tribology and Fluids

  • G. Clark, et al. - The Effects of Blend and Fluid Temperature
  • B. Lorenz, B. Persson - Leak Rate of Seals: Comparison of Theory with Experiment
  • L. Leonhard, H. Murrenhoff - Deterministic Surface Texturing for the Tribological Contacts in Hydrostatic Machines
  • F. Majdic, et al. - Lifetime Test of new Water Hydraulic Proportional Directional Control Valve
  • S. Gels, H. Murrenhoff - Investigation of Elastic Deformations of Cylinders within the Simulation of Piston-Cylinder-Contacts of Axial Piston Machines
  • K. Kovanda, et al. - A New Generation, High Performance, Water Soluble, Polyalkylene Glycols and their Use in Hydraulic Equipment for Environmentally Sensitive
  • M. Krstic, - Delivering a Machine that Requires no Oil Change
  • H. Karl, T. Fisher - Biogenous Hydraulic Fluids - Influences of Operations on the Filtrability
  • C. Enekes, et al. - Tribological and Ecotoxicological Behaviour of a Synthetic Ester and its Effect on Friction and Wear in Axial Piston Pumps
  • A. Fatemi, et al. - Tribological Properties of Tailor Made Fuels from Biomass

Group F: Fundamentals

  • R. Szpak, et al. - Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Matching Between Proportional Valves and Symmetric and Asymmetric Cylinders
  • S. Herzog, P. Michael - Hydraulic Fluid Viscosity Selection for Improved Fuel Economy
  • H. Gholizadeh, et al. - Investigation of Experimental Techniques for the Measurement of the Effective Bulk Modulus of Oil-Filled Pipes and Hoses
  • I. Lee, - Evaluation of Effective Bulk Modulus of Oil in Hydraulic Dampers - Effects of Cylinder Shell Elastic Deformation
  • B. Feng, et al. - Study on Measuring and Increasing Effective Fluid Bulk Modulus
  • T. Itou, et al. - Study on a Theoretical Design Method for External Gear Pumps
  • R. Klop, M. Ivantysynova - Sound Intensity Measurements to Investigate Noise Generation of Hydrostatic Transmissions
  • U. Heisel, V. Slavov - Investigation of the Structure-Borne Noise Transmission Behaviour of Hydraulic Hoses
  • W. Fiebig, K. Helle - The new Way for the Noise Reduction of External Gear Pumps
  • T. Nafz, et al. - Noise Reduction of Axial Piston Pumps Using Variable Reversing Valves

Group G: Automation and Control

  • P. Albers, - Motion Control in Offshore Applications Applications of Haptic Joystick in Control of
  • A. Milecki, et al. - Applications of Haptic Joystick in Control of Electrohydraulic Drive
  • M. Yahyaei, et al. - High Accuracy Positioning and Synchronizing Two Hydraulic Cylinders in a Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Y. Zheng, et al. - Study on a Liquid Flow Rate Measurement System Using an AE Sensor
  • R. Kumar, M. Ivantysynova - The Hydraulic Hybrid Alternative for Toyota Prius – A Power Management Strategy for Improved Fuel Economy A Novel Linear Motor with Movable Integrated
  • C. Lamming, et al. - Analysis of Robust Electrohydraulic Force Control
  • M. Rokala, et al. - Driving Feel Generation of the Mobile Machine Simulator with the Water Hydraulic 6-DOF Motion Platform
  • Ž. Šitum, V. Milic - Throttling and Volumetric Control Principle to an Electrohydraulic Velocity Servomechanism
  • G. Schuh, et al. - Developing Fluid Technical Mechatronic Systems with Increased Efficiency Using the Principles of Lean Innovation

Group H: Valves

  • V. Zöppig, et al. - Switching Magnetic Valve Electronics
  • M. Ruggeri, S. Gardengi - Benefit of the Asymmetrical Half Bridge on Proportional Valve Electronic Control
  • M. Fiedler, S. Helduser - Coupled Simulation for the Virtual Product Development of Electro-Hydraulic Valves
  • F. Yoshida, S. Miyakawa - Characteristics of Proportional Control Valve Using Tap Water
  • O. Reinertz, et al. - Development of an Accelerated Ageing Test for Hydraulic Spool and Poppet Valves

Group I: New Measuring Methods

  • P. Feucht, - SIL Approved Sensors for Mobile Machines and Innovative Technology
  • P. Drumea, et al. - Dynamic Testing of Servohydraulic Equipment
  • J. Lukito, et al. - Development of a Test Method to Examine the Fuel Characteristic Influences on Reliability of Commercial Burner Pumps with a Tribological
  • P. Antoniak, - Application of the PIV Method to Optimization of the Internal Channels of Gerotor Pumps
  • D. Sedziak, - Investigations of Electrohydraulic Servo Valves with Piezo Bender as Control Element

Group 1: Mobile Hydraulics

  • E. Skirde, - Efficient Hydraulics in Mobile Machines - Very Competitive Technologies
  • R. Lasaar, A. Stoll - New Innovative Components for Energy Efficient Working Hydraulics in Mobile Machines
  • R. Rahmfeld, E. Skirde - Efficiency Measurement and Modeling - Essential for Optimizing Hydrostatic Systems
  • F. Weiland, F. Schmitt - Reduction of the Bottleneck in Flexible Hydraulic Lines
  • S. Lauckner, - Recent Advances in Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
  • Y. Brunel, et al. - Design and Optimization of a Hydraulic Hybrid System using Multistroke Radial Piston Pump/Motor
  • A. Lettini, et al. - Improved Functionalities and Energy Saving Potential on Mobile Machines Combining Electronics with Flow …
  • P. Dengler, et al. - Efficiency Optimisation of Tracked Vehicles Using Secondary Control in a Single-Circuit Load Sensing System
  • Y. Cho, et al. - Development of the Energy Efficient Electro- Hydraulic System for Excavator
  • B. Grösbrink, H. Harms - Alternating Pump Control for a Load-Sensing System
  • R. Finzel, S. Helduser - Electro-Hydraulic Dual-Circuit System to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Mobile Machines
  • A. Feuser, et al. - Fork Lift with Free Piston Engine
  • A. Stroganov, L. Sheshin - Efficient, Safe and Reliable Recuperation: Regenerative Accumulator in Honeycomb Receiver
  • H. Hänninen, et al. - Comparing Hybrid Power Transmission Systems of Work Machines
  • S. Sgro, et al. - Energy Efficiency of Mobile Working Machines

Group 2: Tribology and Fluids

  • H. Murrenhoff, - Efficiency Improvement of Fluid Power Components Focusing on Tribological Systems
  • U. Bräckelmann, et al. - Optimized Piston Guidance Design for Swash Plate Pumps
  • F. Klocke, A. Janssen - The Power of Manufacturing to Raise Efficiency of Fluid Systems
  • H. Hänninen, et al. - Experimental Study on the Performance of Large Diameter Shaft Seals with Laser Micro-structured Counterface
  • A. Hermann, et al. - Tribological Impact of Surface Modifications to Frictional Counterparts in Contact with TPU Compounds
  • P. Achten, et al. - A Robust Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing for Hydrostatic Machines
  • B. Persson, B. Lorenz - Contact Mechanics for Randomly Rough Surfaces with Applications
  • W. Bock, et al. - Air Release Properties of Hydraulic Fluids, Dynamic Air Release Behaviour
  • P. Michael, et al. - An Investigation of Hydraulic Fluid Properties and Low-Speed Motor Efficiency
  • J. Schmidt, D. Krause - New Fluid Qualification Test Results Carried out by an Combination of Flywheel and MPH Tests
  • T. Tsubouchi, J. Shinoda - Oily High Bulk Modulus Fluid of New Concept for Hydraulic Fluid
  • O. Heipl, et al. - Numerical Simulation of Friction at Hydraulic Rod Seals

Group 3: New Applications

  • T. Bedarff, P. Pelz - An Active Suspension with Reduced Complexity
  • M. Chiang, et al. - A Variable-Speed Pump-Controlled Hydraulic Servo System for a Novel Pitch Control System of Wind Turbines
  • B. Freissler, A. Bubb - Innovative Drive and Control Technology for Fluid Pumps
  • H. Dennig, H. Binz - Development of a Fast Operating Clutch for Linear Movements
  • Y. Kamizuru, et al. - Simulation of an Ocean Wave Energy Converter Using Hydraulic Transmission
  • M. Livingstone, A. Plummer - The Design, Simulation and Control of a Wave Energy Converter Power Take Off
  • C. Stammen, et al. - Hydraulically Foldable Wind Energy Plant for Regions Susceptible to Storm Hazards
  • J. Schmitz, et al. - Development of a Hydrostatic Transmission for Wind Turbines
  • A. Remmelmann, et al. - Hydraulic Power Brakes with ABS for Tractors and Mobile Equipment
  • M. Erkkila, et al. - Negative Load Sensing
  • H. Fischer, et al. - Hydraulic Systems for Deep-Sea Applications
  • M. Rannow, et al. - Optimal Design of a High-Speed On/Off Valve for a Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Application

Group 4: Industrial Hydraulics

  • A. Feuser, - Modern Electrohydraulic Drive Technology for Stationary Machinery in Industrial Automation
  • C. Stammen, et al. - Tailor-Made Cylinders need Tailor-Made Sealing Systems - Corrosion Protection and Drag Pressure Prevention for 18 m Cylinder Stroke
  • S. Rotthäuser, H. Jagolski - Hydraulics of the Antarctic Station Neumayer III
  • J. Mare, - Towards more Electric Drives for Embedded Applications: (Re)discovering the Advantages of Hydraulics
  • B. Zähe , P. Robson - Selection of Load Holding Valves with Lowest Possible Power Losses
  • B. Jin, et al. - Study on Energy Regulation Based Variable- Speed Electrohydraulic Motor Control System
  • J. Barg, G. Homann - Active Logics as Components in Safety Related Circuits
  • S. Richter, S. Helduser - Integrated Safety in Closed Loop Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Drives
  • E. Weishaupt, - Hydraulic Systems in the Context of the New EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)
  • H. Kolvenbach, - Efficient Regeneration Variable Speed Drives - Customer Benefits in
  • K. Müller, U. Dorn - Variable Speed Drives - Customer Benefits in Injection Molding Machines and Presses
  • J. Juhala, et al. - Energy Losses in Piston Type Hydraulic Accumulator
  • S. Mann, W. Kuttruf - PSH Pressdrive Servo Hybrid - Servo Pump Drive System for Hydraulic Presses

Group 5: Pneumatics

  • C. Winter, J. Bredau - From Component Supplier to Solution Provider
  • K. Deprez, - Pneumatic Cabin Suspension for Mobile Agricultural Machines
  • A. Leonhard, S. Helduser - Investigations on Internal Flow of Pneumatic Vacuum Ejectors
  • K. Siebertz, et al. - Rapid Gauging Method and Generic Modelling Approach for Pneumatic Seat Components
  • M. Doll, O. Sawodny - Energy Optimal Open Loop Control of Standard Pneumatic Cylinders
  • F. Simons, M. Haag - End Effectors in the Automation Industries under Energetic Aspects - A Holistic Approach
  • W. Gauchel, et al. - Computer Aided Development of a New Bernoulli- Gripper
  • A. Wilkening, et al. - Model-Based Pressure and Torque Control for Innovative Pneumatic Soft-Actuators
  • D. Lovrec, V. Tič - Reduction in Air Consumption when Air-Blowing Using an Energy-Saving Nozzle
  • S. Krichel, O. Sawodny - Modelling and Optimization in Pressurized-Air Networks – A first Approach with Respect to Energy-Efficiency
  • Z. Xiaocong, et al. - Energy-Saving Method of Pneumatic Position Control System Based on Separate Control of Motion Trajectory and Pressure Trajectory
  • M. Hené, et al. - Determination of the Operational Point for the Pneumatic System Sizing
  • P. Eret, et al. - Industrial Compressed Air Usage – Two Case Studies

Group 6: Automotive

  • A. Johansson, J. Ossyra - Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Design Considerations for Optimal Customer Satisfaction
  • J. Meyer, et al. - Power Management Strategy for a Hydraulic Hybrid Passenger Vehicle Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming
  • G. Vael, P. Achten - IHT Controlled Serial Hydraulic Hybrid Passenger Cars
  • M. Kliffken, K. Lindemann - Hydraulic and Electric Hybrids (no paper)
  • L. Hartter, et al. - Series Hydraulic Hybrid System for Urban Vehicles
  • V. Duray, et al. - Advantages of Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Systems
  • T. Verkoyen, et al. - Retrofittable Hydraulic Hybrid System for Road Vehicles
  • S. Schanz, - Universal Clutch Actuation System Optimization and Control of a Hydro-Mechanical
  • P. Li, F. Mensing - Optimization and Control of a Hydro-Mechanical Transmission based Hydraulic Hybrid Passenger Vehicle
  • Group 7: Automation and Control
  • S. Mundry, et al. - Ethernet Based Onboard Control for Complex Mobile Machines (no paper)
  • U. Walter, - A Multiplicative-Recursive Filter and Linearization Scheme
  • G. Jacazio, et al. - Adaptive Control for Improved Efficiency of Hydraulic Systems for High Speed Tilting Trains
  • J. Komsta, et al. - New Nonlinear Robust Control Concept for Electro- Hydraulic Drives
  • A. Gadyuchko, et al. - Control Concept for Hysteresis Free Behaviour of Proportional Solenoid
  • F. Jung, - Reduction of Life Cycle Cost through Fluid Condition Monitoring
  • R. Gutiérrez, et al. - Fault Diagnosis of a Pneumatic Subsystem
  • C. Molden, N. Reinmuth - Wireless Pressure Monitoring System WPM

Group 8: Simulation / Fundamentals

  • G. Kabisch, et al. - Use of CFD Simulation for Optimizing the Functionality of Mass Flow Controllers
  • K. Wartlick, et al. - Filter and Particle Simulation for Hydraulic Systems
  • O. Breuer, R. Kett - In-the-Loop Methods for Control Strategy Development and Virtual Commissioning
  • M. Heinz, et al. - Axial Piston Pump and -Motor Optimization by Means of CFD
  • M. Achenbach, R. Boschet - Friction of Pneumatic Actuator Seals and its Finite Element Analysis
  • M. Wiegandt, - Development of a Servomotor Driven Proportional Valve
  • N. Bügener, S. Helduser - Analysis of the Suction Performance of Axial Piston Pumps by Means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • F. Engler, et al. - Development Environment for Fluid-Power- Mechatronic Systems