PUB - Extreme High-Speed Laser Material Application (EHLA)-Coated Carbide-Reinforced Control Plates and Conventional Lead-Based Plates in Axial Piston Machines



Authors: Holzer, Achill; Koss, Stephan; Schleifenbaum, Johannes Heinrich; Schmitz, Katharina

Hydraulic drive train technology is widely used in both mobile and stationary systems, when high forces or torques are applied. In hydraulic components, high load levels must be supported due to increasing pressure levels of the fluid. Conventionally, leaded brass is used right against steel, where the lead not only aids the manufacturing process but also provides good tribological properties, such as low friction over a wide range of speeds and pressures. Currently promising lead-free coatings using high-speed laser material deposition (EHLA) will be implemented in a state-of-the-art axial piston pump.