PUB - Interaction between Swash Plate Movement and Commutation in Axial Piston Machines




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A paper on “Interaction between Swash Plate Movement and Commutation in Axial Piston Machines” was published at the 10th JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power in Fukuoka.


In an axial piston pump the alternating pressure force of the pistons produce a periodically changing torque load on the swash plate. The torque load results in a movement of the swash plate, especially if the damping of the swash plate is quite low. The swash plate movement changes the piston stroke and therefore interacts with the commutation which leads to altered piston pressure forces.
The impact of different valve plate designs, using silencing grooves and bores, on the swash plate torque load and the resulting oscillation has been investigated via simulation. The results show that the design of the valve plate has a major impact on the periodic behavior of the torque load. Therefore this aspect needs to be considered while designing pumps for closed-loop control.

  Pump system with pressure compensator   Torque load on the swash plate