EHL Simulation Model for an Abstracted Piston-Bushing Test Rig


Electromechanical actuation of large directional control valves in flow-controlled hydraulic systems.A paper on “EHL Simulation Model for an Abstracted Piston-Bushing Test Rig“ was published in Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik (T+S)



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At the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems of RWTH Aachen University (ifas) the tribological behaviour of the piston – bushing contact in swash plate pumps has been investigated experimentally on a single piston test rig for several years. In the present publication simulation modelling is discussed with the help of the multi-body simulation tool FIRST, developed by the IST GmbH. Three different simulation models with a different modeling depth are compared with respect to the effort of modelling, the required boundary conditions and the calculation duration. Finally, differences in the calculation results are critically compared on the basis of the loss characteristics axial friction force and leakage. Furthermore, approaches for improving the simulation models are mentioned.