PUB - Numerical Study on Novel Hydraulic Pump Concept

  Postulated pressure distribution of a journal bearing and the novel pump concept Copyright: © ifas

In the context of the GfT 2019 in Göttingen a publication on "Numerical investigation of the novel hydraulic pump concept" has been published.




Seong-Ryeol Lee



+49 241 80 47747


  Pressure field in the different operating condition Copyright: © ifas

This paper discusses a basic research on a novel hydraulic pump concept. Two pump concepts are introduced, which are basically similar to a conventional journal bearing. Differences from journal bearings are that the eccentricity is fixed for pressure build-up and there is an outlet hole in the high pressure area, through which the fluid can be delivered. As a basic study, the pressure distribution and the output flow rate of the pump are numerically analyzed using 2D Reynolds equation. The output flow rate is calculated in different operating conditions. The influence of the outlet port position and size on the output flow rate is also examined. From these results, the functionality of the concept is confirmed.