PUB - Double Piston Capillary Viscometer for High-Pressure Applications

  Schematic drawing of the novel test set-up Copyright: © ifas

A paper on “Double Piston Capillary Viscometer for High-Pressure Applications” was published at the Tribologie-Fachtagung in Göttingen.




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  Test set-up of the current viscometer Copyright: © ifas

This paper presents the concept of a novel capillary viscometer for high pressure applications and high shear rates. First, the general procedure for a viscosity measurement with a capillary is described. Subsequently, the practical implementation of this measuring principle in the viscometer, which is currently used at the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems (ifas) for viscosity measurements and was also developed there, will be shown. Measurement results and conceptual challenges will be discussed. Based on this, the new concept is described with its advantages over the current viscometer.