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Berechnung der Schmierstoffverteilung in Getrieben – FVA 804 I

Mechanic transmissions require sufficient lubrication for long lasting operation and for cooling. However, a surplus of lubrication leads to increased friction losses due to squeezing and churning. Accordingly, the amount of lubricant must be in a certain range for each lubricating point. This is valid during normal operation and extreme conditions, such as a cold start.

In the past simulation tools for large gearboxes have been developed for this, but their usability and their valid area of operation are limited. Thus, in this project various common components for lubrication piping are tested. Their flow characteristics are analyzed over the temperature for various oils, thus viscosities. From the results mathematical models are deduced, which are later integrated in an easy to use simulation library.

The simulation library enables users easy and swift calculations of lubricating systems. This is possible by the “drag and drop” set-up. Thus, the lubrication system can be designed efficiently, which ensures adequate lubrication for all operating conditions.
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