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May 9th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - Reopening of lab hall 2
At the beginning of this week the IFAS and its employees celebrated the reopening of the smaller lab hall 2 much sooner than expected. Hence, research activities are possible in hall 2 .
This also includes the opening of our library and the conference room.

April 6th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - Removal of ventilation system underway / Infrastructure partly operational
One part of the ventilation system, emerging over the destroyed area of our neighboring institute WZL, has been removed. The remaining part, situated above the IFAS laboratory roof, is expected to be removed by mid-April. The necessary preliminary work is already underway.
The majority of the debris in the area surrounding the completely destroyed WZL laboratory has also been removed. Parts of the IFAS laboratory infrastructure are once again operational. Plans to restore the electrical supply and distribution are being discussed. These steps will however take some time. The recommissioning of the pneumatic pressure supply network, the water supply and radiators is nearly finished. The central cooling water supply for test rigs and hydraulic units will follow shortly.
The cleaning of the laboratory and the measuring equipment is mostly finalized. The re-installment of the measuring equipment, which was cleaned in a separate location, is underway. The largest part of the laboratory is therefore awaiting final inspection of the cleaning work. This will take place after the outstanding greater clean-up operations in the vicinity of the laboratory are completed.

Mar. 10th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - Cleaning efforts are in progress
Due to the fast cleaning process of the building and the inventory, IFAS hall 1 is completely decontaminated. In combination with isolation interventions in compliance with the chemist, the area is categorized as hazard class 0. The current cleaning process is focused on switchboards, test boxes and the test rigs situated within as well as rooms located within the lab. First steps regarding the restart of the infrastructure are also in progress. Since beginning of the week heavy machinery is used for the cleanup efforts of the destroyed neighbouring institute hall of the WZL.

Feb. 25th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - Status of the decontamination process
Parallel to the ongoing decontamination of the inventory, the "Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW" also assigned the decontamination of the building itself. This process has begun and is being carried out by the company BELFOR. The machine decontamination process in our main lab is almost completed. An on-site inspection by a planning office for the infrastructure's recommissioning promises a quick return to normal operation in our lab - first on a limited level, reaching full operation step by step.

Feb. 18th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - Approval of the structural engineers was issued
Meanwhile all effected laboratory rooms of IFAS were examined and approved for entering by the structural engineers. Exempted for now is the anechoic room which is partly located in the fire damaged area of WZL machine tool laboratory. Here we need to wait for the clearance of fire damaged parts and materials before the access becomes possible. Thanks to the approval of the structural engineers the damage to the central infrastructure can be analyzed and the necessary steps for its recovery will be taken accordingly.

Feb. 15th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage - pictures
Cleaning work is in progress.

Feb. 11th 2016
Update regarding the fire damage
The structural clearance of our laboratory was partly issued, so that the building can be entered. Thus, the cleaning and the chemical neutralization of the lab was started by the company BELFOR DeHaDe GmbH, which was appointed by the insurer and the RWTH University. A preliminary categorization of the main lab has been set to hazard class 1 until completion of the chemical analysis.
The attached test chambers, the labs and offices on the first floor have partially been categorized as hazard class 2 and are not yet cleared in structural regard. For the second lab building, which is less affected, the chemical analysis is still pending as well. Luckily, the basement could be kept dry during firefighting operations. The structural clearance of all other labs is pending and the stepwise reactivation of the infrastructure needs to be carried out.

Feb. 2nd 2016
Message to our friends, supporters, customers, sponsors and associations regarding the fire in the neighbouring building on February 4th, 2016
May, 2nd 2016
Dear Friends, Sponsors and Partners of IFAS
Unfortunately due to the massive fire damages, it is not possible to recommission the electrical infrastructure, which supplied both the machine tool laboratory WZL as well as the IFAS laboratories. Therefore, our IFAS laboratory will soon receive a new, independent power supply. The necessary operations have started and are currently in the planning / bidding phase.
Currently, it is assumed that the required work will be completed within the 4th quarter of 2016. Unfortunately, research work in the large laboratory, i.e. hall I, can only commence once the new electrical infrastructure is installed. The pneumatic laboratory, i.e. hall II, is not related to this issue and will most probably be put back into operation prior to hall I. Thus in certain cases, test rigs, which cannot be operated in hall II are currently being outsourced to neighboring institutes in order to ensure a timely and successful project completion.
At this point, I would especially like to express my gratitude for the obtained or promised support in form of laboratory space, infrastructure and contributions from neighboring institutes and industrial partners.

Accordingly, for each project inquiry the requirements concerning the electrical and hydraulic infrastructure in combination with the availability of laboratory space at other institutes is always being checked. Larger projects, which require longer planning and dimensioning phases, are as always preceded by simulative and design work and are thus only slightly or not at all affected by the ongoing work in hall I. As far as possible, the commissioning of new test rigs is being outsourced. In this respect, should the IFAS infrastructure be necessary, the experimental work phase is then linked to the clearance of hall I for IFAS employees. Alternatively, measurements are carried out in other laboratories.

The removal of the ventilation system on the laboratory roof is almost completed, so that the reinstallation of a new system for IFAS will begin soon. The cleaning work of the machines and test rigs, as well as the separately cleaned measurement systems and control cabinets by Belfor has successfully been completed and approved in the meantime.

Together with my staff, we are focusing all our efforts on providing our full services to you again, as soon as possible. We accept the challenge and I am personally dedicated to its successful completion. If you should have any questions the institutes' management is happy to answer them. Additionally, we will keep the homepage updated by continuously uploading the latest news.

I remain with kind regards

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hubertus Murrenhoff

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